Terms and conditions. 

Our terms and conditions are made as simple as possible, in short, if you respect our equipment and products there is no further expense to you! However, accidents can happen, that's an unavoidable risk of events! 

1. Delivery Charges: Delivery and collection from your venue is charged at .50c per KM from our base in Mijas Costa. Delivery and collection charges include our assistance to set up/test any equipment delivered, but do not include a technician to operate the equipment. This is available as an extra service if required. 

2. Damages deposits: Along with the agreed rental fee for the products ordered, we would also charge a separate damages deposit, which is returned to you on collection of the goods in the condition in which they arrived. This deposit is calculated on an individual base, depending on the value of the goods you are hiring from us.  Provided the goods are presented for collection in the condition in which they arrived this fee is refunded in full. If damages have occurred, part of, or the full amount of the damages deposit is retained until we can assess the cost of repair or replacement of the goods. We recommend the damages deposit is paid in cash, or via our PayPal business account, separately from the rental fee, this way it can be quickly refunded without commission charges on collection of the goods. 

3. Renting Equipment for self use:  When renting sound and lighting equipment for self-use (dry hire), then the correct use of that equipment is at your own risk. We suggest that if you do not have the technical knowledge to use the equipment correctly, then you should contract a technician, which we can offer as an additional service. We will not be held responsible for equipment failure due to incorrect usage and you may even loose your damages deposit! Please ensure you have at least one knowledgable person in charge of any equipment that you hire! 

4. Weather, rain and sun:  Electrical equipment such as speakers and lighting must NEVER be left out or used in rain and wet conditions, it must be protected from accidental splashing from pools, or drink spillages. Sound and lighting equipment should also never be left out in full sunlight, especially in summer months in Spain, this can cause the equipment to overheat and fail. Covering equipment or shading it from the sun is very important! 

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