Equipment hire for musical performance and stage.

If you need to hire professional PA audio equipment, lighting or stage supplies for your event in the Malaga province of Spain then Marbella sound and lighting are here to help! We have a wide range of equipment for musicians and stage performances available to rent, covering any size event, from a wedding performance to a public concert! What's more, we also stock basic backline instruments to get you through that gig and what we don't have, we can find through our network of reliable partners!  Some of our equipment can be provided without a technician for self-use, or for larger events, we provide experienced personnel to help operate and troubleshoot for you! 

Hire PA systems, lighting, stages, trussing and other equipment for musicians and all types of musical performances throughout the Costa del Sol.

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Marbella Sound and Lighting stock the most popular audio brands, such as Mackie, RCF, JBL, L-Acoustics, LD systems, Bose, Sure, AKG, Line6 and many more of the industry-leading names. We may not always have exactly what you want, but we will most often have equivalent or better! No matter if you are looking to rent a basic PA system for smaller performances, or a larger stage set up, we have the solutions you need!

  • Basic PA Rental for musicians and artistes
  • Large PA rigs for stages and bigger events
  • Backline instruments and accessories 
  • Trussing and Lighting stands 
  • LED lighting solutions, PAR lights, spots and moving heads
  • Smoke machines and special effects
  • Mixing desks and microphones  
  • Stages in a variety of sizes and heights
  • LED Starlight Dancefloors
  • Audio services for bands and stage shows

Competitive pricing for gala events, special wedding set up`s and outdoor events, Allow Marbella sound and lighting to provide you with the perfect experience, pristine sound and stunning lighting for your special event on the Costa del Sol. We are the leading suppliers of audiovisual equipment in the region, with the ability to cater for all size events with ease! 

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